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Luís Lopes
Master Personal Trainer


My name is Luis Lopes, I am from Portugal and my passion for fitness started when I signed in a gym to rehabilitate a bad condition because of a serious accident that I had.

I love sports and during the last years I was a professional athlete of mountain bike DownHill and Cross Country as well as a Swimmer and a Martial Arts athlete, which was very important for my professional career choice.


After that I did my Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree in Physical Exercise and Well-Being in the branch of Exercise, Nutrition and Health in the Lusófona University, in Lisbon, Portugal.


Why did I choose to be a Personal Trainer?


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  • Master’s Degree in Physical Exercise and Well-Being, branch of Exercise, Nutrition and Health;

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education and Sport, branch of Physical Exercise and Well-Being

  • EREPS Personal Trainer, Advanced Health and Exercise Specialist EQF level 6

  • REPs Personal Trainer level 3


For how long have I been a Personal Trainer?

I have worked as a Professional Personal Trainer since 2010, and I was involved in some projects of weight loss and diabetes control in adults and children with obesity, which made me learn more about this disease.


At the same time, in Portugal, I was the Personal Trainer of a Hockey team and also of a Football team, which, after a year, rose to a higher position in the league.

What can I do for you?

As a professional personal trainer and group trainer, I have been working with my clients to help them to achieve their goals and keep them motivated.

For the last years, I was also Club Manager and Fitness Manager on my own Health Club as well as Fitness Manager in prestige Health and Fitness Clubs.

My education and training, together with my professional experience, have all served to help make me a highly effective manager and personal trainer.


The last years, living and working in the U.K., were really important to me once they allowed me to understand the weaknesses and the strengths of the fitness industry in the U.K. Also, I had the opportunity to know the various and different fitness companies which made me learn more about their different ways to work. Working as self-employed allowed me to work with many different kinds of people, and I feel that my knowledge about the fitness culture in the UK, as the likes and dislikes, needs and requirements of gym and members, is much better now.

I believe in Fitness and Well-Being

Fitness is a way that provides many possibilities to get mental and physical health and I take it very seriously.

As a highly Professional Personal Trainer I am confident, rigorous, enthusiastic as well as efficient. I approach my work with a high level of initiative, reliability, empathy and determination.

I am working to help my clients to have a healthy and active lifestyle while they achieve their goals.

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