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Health and Fitness Consultancy

Suitable service to measure and to check the health and the fitness condition of all the employees, in general, at any company, for all the employers that take care and add value to their employees.

The repetitive movements from the repetitive tasks, the bad postures or even the absence of movement at the job time cause different injuries, disabilities and unhealthy states that sometimes allow the employees their off sick or can cause the decrease of their efficiency at work.

To prevent this status of off-sick or of the low performance in the job it’s important to do a regular health and fitness check-up with a different range of health and fitness tools and questionnaires, together with an educative session where it’s discussed about how these unhealthy and disable states could be prevented and avoided, improving their efficiency in their jobs, which is positive for the employer and for the company.

This kind of check-up should be done every 4 months, on average, depending on how rigorous the different jobs are. However, they shouldn’t be extended for more than 6 months.

Health Check Diagnosis Medical Condition

Health and Nutrition Advice

Before starting any exercise programme it is truly important to check the health condition and the body composition of the client to understand what the proper exercise plan is and to set the goals for each client individually. This is the beginning of any planned exercise programme and the importance of this check-up is huge to keep you satisfied and safe during the sessions.

After this session, the clients are advised regarding to the personalized exercise and to a suitable diet to help them to achieve the goals by the best and safest way.

This service is provided free of charge before clients start any service 1 to 1, 1 to 2 and Mobile Personal Training services.

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