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Personal Training 1 to 1

The service of excellence in the Fitness World.

The one to one personal trainer session where every single session is designed and personalized in accordance with the needs and with the goals of the client, always considering the actual fitness condition, health status and shape of the client.

As part of the excellence of this service, the personal trainer advises and helps with the management of the client’s diet and nutrition plan to help the client to achieve his/her aims in a healthy way and for long.

This service is available in sessions of 60 minutes and in sessions of 30 minutes.

Lifting Weights

Double Personal Training 1 to 2

This is a service that allows the clients to share the same personal training session with another person with similar goals.

It’s an interactive session where both people can work together in corporative, competitive or in a single way.

It’s a perfect service for people who don’t feel too confident about exercising and want to spend a good and funny time with the partner.

The clients will be advised regarding to their diet and nutritional plan as part of the commitment with the personal trainer to help them to achieve their goals.

This service is available in sessions of 60 minutes.

Kettlebell Workout

Mobile Personal Training

It means the excellence of the Fitness World at your home, in your comfort area.

This service will suit the clients that don’t feel confident to go out to have their sessions in a gym, or cannot go out of home for any reason, or simply prefer to be comfortable at home doing their personal training sessions.

The sessions are provided at the clients’ home or at any park near the property and the personal trainer will be responsible to take the equipment needed.

As an excellence service of the Fitness world, the clients will be advised and instructed regarding to their diet and nutritional plan management as well as advised regarding to their exercising days without personal trainer.

This service is available in sessions of 60 minutes.

Yoga at Home

“I am my own trainer” programme

It is the TOP of the personal training service, where every client can be his / her own personal trainer.

Through this service the clients can manage their sessions in accordance with their goals, time and performance.

It is designed the personalized annual periodization of exercise that the clients follow to achieve their goals. With this service, the clients will manage the protocol of training and the advanced methodologies of workout in the different mesocycles and microcycles of their exercise until they achieve the main goal.

It is required the subscription of the website to enjoy the service.

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